The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability

SALT convenes the seafood industry, governments, funders, and non-governmental organizations around the globe to collaborate and share seafood traceability knowledge.

Interact with our Tuna Supply Chain

To visualize the complexities within a seafood supply chain, SALT created an interactive tuna supply chain showing risks, key data, resources, and more

Seafood Import Regulation Guide (EU, Japan, and the U.S.)

A summary of current import control regulations and legal requirements from the three major market states—EU, Japan, and the U.S.—for seafood producing countries seeking to expand their markets.

COVID-19 Disruption: What Will Stick? Case Study of Seafood Traceability in Southeast Asia & the Pacific

Exploring disruptions in the seafood sector, strategies used to address these impacts, and the opportunities ahead for seafood traceability.

Lessons from the Land: Scaling Traceability and Transparency in the Seafood Sector

What can the seafood sector learn from these other globally traded commodities to achieve successful traceability and transparency from bait to plate?

Listen up! A Dash of SALT podcast

How do human and labor rights fit into efforts that track our seafood?