The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability

SALT convenes the seafood industry, governments, funders, and non-governmental organizations around the globe to collaborate and share seafood traceability knowledge.

What data can help us uncover human and labor rights risks in the seafood sector?

As awareness about human and labor rights abuses within the seafood sector has grown, so has interest in determining whether data currently being collected could be used to identify human and labor rights risks.

Dash of SALT, episode 2

How can data used to trace seafood also fight human and labor abuses in this industry?

COBI uses Traceability Principles in its software design

How can comprehensive seafood traceability principles guide the design and implementation of electronic systems in the real world?

Q&A with SALT's grantee

MCD & VinaTuna: NGO and Industry Apply the Comprehensive Traceability Principles in Vietnam