The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability

SALT convenes the seafood industry, governments, funders, and non-governmental organizations around the globe to collaborate and share seafood traceability knowledge.

SALT's new series: Overcoming Barriers: Solutions for adopting electronic traceability

The five-part series will cover barriers to embracing electronic traceability, such as prohibitive costs and unclear benefits, interoperability, behavior change, and technology issues.

Meet one of SALT's small grant recipients, MCD!

The Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development works in Vietnam to promote cooperation between stakeholders and implement initiatives that integrate local knowledge and international sustainability goals..

Thoughts from the virtual Chatham House’s 12th International IUU Fishing Forum

Despite the current pandemic having far-reaching impacts on in-person meetings and industry conferences, one message was clear: the show must go on.

Paving over the Global Gender Gap in Fisheries

Dispatch from the Philippines on how USAID Oceans worked with the Philippines government to take a inside look at gender in its traceability program